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Old Town Lutherie is a dedicated stringed instrument repair and restoration shop. We’ve handled thousands of instruments over the years and have successfully upgraded or restored every single one. We take great pride in the work that we do and strive to be custodians of musical instruments. Our goal is to provide honest, quality craftsmanship for musicians and their instruments.

Until you find a shop you can trust, looking for guitar repair services can be a bit of a stressful endeavor. All musicians want their instruments to be treated with proper care. Here at Old Town Lutherie, we treat each repair as if we were working on one of our own instruments. Ready to get a repair started? Fill out our repair form or you reach us via phone at (703) 855-9969 or via email at oldtownlutherie@gmail.com


This is the most common and necessary guitar repair service that can be performed to your instrument. Given that our fretted friends are built out of wood they can be very temperamental and subject to environmental changes. Acoustic instruments are even more susceptible to this and should be seasoned correctly to avoid cracks and loose glue joints.

Setups are also tailored to individual players and are not all the same. This seems to be a misunderstanding in our experience as most people are under the impression that it’s a one size fits all style of guitar repair. This is most certainly not the case and is the main reason we provide a 30 day “trial” for our setups. Please take your instrument home and play it to your hearts content and contact us to make any slight adjustment, we’ll make that adjustment on the spot and get you back out there as quick as possible!



We are fortunate enough to share space with Big Crunch. A true one stop rock shop!


We proudly represent Custom District and their pedal boards and are the only dealer in Maryland. We can help you get the right size, appointments and also help you set it up! Quite simply, our favorite board.


We also work alongside Greyson of Triode Guitar Effects. Handmade here in Baltimore you can’t get closer to home tone than this!

Baltimore B Note

We accept B Notes! At the moment we only accept 10% of your total labor cost in B notes. Learn more about B Notes.

All labor is based on shop rate of $50.00/hr and is under warranty for 30 days. All prices are estimates only and are subject to change based on condition and specific needs of your particular instrument.