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Most musicians (hopefully) take pride in keeping their instruments playable for as long as possible. When it comes to acoustic instruments, having the oldest piece of wood in the room can stand as a sense of pride, but as we all know, there is always an older guitar out there. If you’re looking for a reliable shop in Baltimore for acoustic guitar repair services, Old Town Lutherie is the place for you.

Old Town Lutherie has experience working on the popular makes and models that many of us dream of owning, plus the small build brands and makes that are harder to find. Regardless of the repair needs, we take the time to properly research each guitar in order to keep it as close to it’s original state as possible. We understand that if you’re bringing in a vintage guitar, you’d like to keep it that way!

Our shop offers a variety of repairs that are listed below. We are proud to offer prices that we believe are fair to our customers, but also allow our technicians the time to properly care for each instrument we service. If you don’t see a repair that you need below or have questions about our pricing, feel free to call the shop at (703) 855-9969 or send an email to oldtownlutherie@gmail.com.

If you’re ready to get started, go ahead and fill out our repair form to the right. We look forward to keeping you rocking for years to come!

Common Acoustic Guitar Repairs and Pricing

  • Full Setup and inspection: $75 (includes D’Addario EJ16 string set)
  • New bone nut: $90 Custom handmade nut from quality bone.
  • Pre-cut nut install: $65
  • New bone saddle (uncompensated): $65 Custom handmade saddle from quality bone.
  • New bone saddle (compensated): $100 Custom handmade saddle from quality bone. Saddle is permanently intonated to your specific strings and action preference.
  • Endpin Jack replacement: $35 Replace faulty pickup jack with quality Switchcraft jack.
  • Pickup Install: $45 – $200 Prices vary due to different styles of acoustic amplification.
  • Bridge reglue: $100-$250+ Prices vary due to different adhesives and condition of bridge.
  • Crack repair: $15-$35 per inch. Usually charged by the inch and location on guitar.
  • Brace reglue: $15-$35 per inch. Usually charged by the inch and location on guitar.
  • Neck Resets: $150-$400+ There are many variables when performing a neck reset including but not limited to type of neck joint, age of guitar, and fret condition.